Eight Features of a Soft Seated Butterfly Valve

Author:     Published time:2017-09-11 13:58     Reading times:970    

1. A soft seated butterfly valve has simple and tight structure, smaller torque.It can be opened or closed fast by turning by 90 degrees.

2. A soft seated butterfly valve has light weight and ease of disassembly, installation, and maintenance. And it can be installed in any place.

3. The connection between the disc and the bolt adopts the structure without pin so as to avoid potential leakage points inside the soft seated butterfly valve.

4. A soft seated butterfly valve has linear flow and good adjustability.

5. A flange or a wafer could be choosen for connection.

6. The seals can be replaced and the sealing performance reaches bilateral direction sealing.

7. Way of actuation: manual, gear or pneumatic.

8. The painting of a disc will follow customers’ requirements, i.e. they can choose nylon painting or PTFE.

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