Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) for the Valve

Author:     Published time:2017-02-28 16:05     Reading times:931    

The FBE coating utilizes a powdered Thermos setting epoxy resin, which is applied under a fluidity bed or electrostatic spray system to achieve the desired film thickness. The epoxy resin is made by pre-reacting the resin and the curing agent into a film and then pulverized and ground to a fine powder size in the range of <0.005 "(125 μm). The valve is heated to about 400 ° before applying the coating F to ensure that the powdered epoxy resin liquefies upon the hot surface of the contact valve The heated material also drives the applied epoxy resin to fully cure.These systems are typically coated at a thickness of from 0.01 to 0.02 "(250 to 500 μm ), And provide corrosion protection to aqueous solutions having a pH range of 2-10, but they have minimal abrasion resistant slurry conditions or elevated chemical erosion levels for the abrasive.

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