Gate valve characteristics

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  Gate valve is the opening and closing body (valve plate) driven by the valve stem sealing surface for lifting movements of the valve can be connected or cut off the fluid channel. When the valve part of the open, the back of the gate vortex, easy to cause erosion and vibration of the gate, but also easy to damage the valve seat sealing surface, repair difficulties. Gate valve is usually applied to do not always open and close, but also to maintain the gate open or fully closed operating conditions. Not suitable for use as throttling or throttling.

Gate valve characteristics

Gate valve in the pipeline for the main cut, the general diameter DN 50mm cut off the device to use it more, and sometimes very small cut off the device also use gate valve.

Gate valve has the following advantages:

1.fluid resistance is small.

2.opening and closing the required external force smaller.

3.medium flow is not restricted.

4.fully open, the sealing surface erosion by the working medium than the small cut-off valve.

5.shape is relatively simple, casting process is better.

Gate valve also has shortcomings:

1.Dimensions and opening height are large. Installation requires a larger space.

2.opening and closing process, the relative friction between the sealing surface, easily lead to abrasions.

3.valve generally have two sealing surface, to the processing, grinding and maintenance of some difficulties

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