Gate Valve manufacturers in China

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Gate Valve manufacturers in China, China as the manufacturing base of gate valves, has provided the best quality Chinese gate valves for various countries around the world for many years. Today we introduce the Chinese gate valve manufacturers, and you are purchasing valves as an alternative supplier. The recommended Chinese gate valve manufacturing is considered comprehensively from the company's scale, R&D strength, product reputation, and market sales. Recommend the top integrated valve supplier to you:


TJL INDUSTRY GROUP CO.,LIMITED which was founded in 1998. During past 20years, we always focus on the development of fluid industry. So we formed a group company, which is handling of valves, actuator, pipe and fittings products, to provide the Whole system solution for customers in the fluid industry field.Our company are providing the service for the customer worldwide, including from Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Passing the ISO9001 (CQC), according to the international advanced standards, we Perform the production strictly. The types of valves, product lines, company size, sales and other indexes are the best in the industry. Therefore, it is the largest manufacturer that should be made for the valve industry.

2. Zhuzhou South Valve Co., Ltd.

3. China Kaiweixi Valve Group

4. Zhongnuo Su Valve Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

5.Zhejiang Chaoda Valve Co., Ltd.

6.Sichuan Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.

7. Fujian Biaoguang Valve Technology Co., Ltd.

8. Guangdong Mingzhu Group Co., Ltd.

9. Sanhua Holding Group

10.Shanghai Lianggong Valve Factory Co., Ltd.