Global control valve Market Review and Outlook

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In July 2008, ARC Consulting Group senior analyst David Clayton (David Clayton) Control Valve Worldwide Outlook described in "" in an article: according to the 2006 and 2007 two years the global control valve market rapid growth, forecast compound annual growth rate for the next 5 years the global control valve market will maintain 6%, in 2007 the global control valve market sales of $4 billion 800 million estimated that by 2012, the global control valve market is expected to exceed $6 billion 400 million

 Global control valve Market Review and Outlook

Unfortunately, in the first quarter of 2008, the cocoon of developing countries and regions, such as China, India and the Middle East, demand for control valves were higher in the oil and gas industry dominated the market, but the control valve supplier in North American and European markets revenue growth began to slow down.

2008, Mr. Clayton pointed out: the current global control valve market despite strong growth opportunities, but challenges still exist. In many ways, control valve suppliers are facing the same opportunities and challenges as before. Strong market growth in developing countries and regions for the control valve supplier to provide an excellent opportunity to expand the business, but at the same time, how to establish a global supply and logistics systems, how to develop new products and the development of what kind of new products, control valve suppliers are required to face the difficulties and overcome. The need for large control valves such as many new petrochemical projects can withstand extreme temperature conditions, and can provide a tight shutoff function; and in deep-sea oil operations, need high pressure control valve can provide effective thrust open or sufficient torque.

In addition, with the degree of automation of modern production process improvement, process parameters has become an important indicator of production efficiency, and the economic performance of the control valve in the continuous and discrete control, energy metering, trade settlement and logistics system are increasingly prominent. Precise control of the control valve, multi - functional, intelligent requirements are also getting higher and higher.

One of the highlights of the 2007 development of automation industry is the rise of wireless communication in the application of industrial automatic chemical plant, wireless communication technology, mobile and remote control to walk the line whenever and wherever possible the advantages of the original control inferior by comparison. Therefore, control valve suppliers a positive development of DTMs (DigitalTV Monitor System), and based on FDT (Formal Description to Technique) PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) to solve the data embedding diversified intelligent equipment design foundation to work; on the other hand, the control valve suppliers are considering developing wireless HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) products.

2008 due to strong growth in the control valve market in developing countries, control valve suppliers to extend their manufacturing capabilities, to meet customer demand, control valve market to maintain growth. In sharp contrast to 2008, due to the impact of the financial crisis, in 2009 the control valve supplier sharp decline in control valve orders. In the third quarter of 2009, Mr. Clayton is still optimistic that the global control valve market is expected to pick up in 2011.

Affected by the current global economic recession, the development of the global control valve market has changed dramatically. Over the past 4 years, companies that are more aggressive and pursue new businesses are growing faster, and they are also from the rapid growth of the market. Despite the economic downturn, many control valve suppliers once again find themselves in a market full of opportunities and less competitive. Therefore, control valve suppliers to go out and get a new business is very important to expand the way, while keeping the existing user base will be more important than ever.

In the past few years, the control valve market the explosive growth of the control valve suppliers with orders increased dramatically, increasing production capacity to meet the market demand, and in the recession of 2009, shipments fell in the case of a large backlog of inventory, control valve suppliers. Leading control valve supply chamber to maintain a healthy inventory, and as soon as possible in the control valve sales and after-sales service orders to digest excess inventory. However, due to the complexity inherent in the sales chain and the periodicity of the order, the backlog of goods is difficult to digest in a short time.

In the face of the world economic recession, Mr. Clayton stressed: oil and related industrial market is still the growth point of the control valve; the development of the economy is still the global control valve market growth engine. Developing countries, such as India and Brazil, Chinese level but also affected by the global economic crisis, but compared with other countries, the economic growth rate is still very high, still maintain a level of economic growth in 2008. Development of the economy, is still the main growth momentum of the global control valve market. Emerging economies such as the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), as there the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the market will continue to support the continuous growth of control valve.

Global control valve market needs to find demand from the growing global consumption, which depends on a healthy capital investment and credit environment, robust market returns and intensive production needs. Only in this way, control valve suppliers in order to cope with the coming of the rapidly growing energy demand and market demand for control valves around the world.

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