High pressure valve technology into the bottleneck of the valve market in China

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In China's current valve market, in addition to the low pressure valve to achieve the level of International market acceptance, the high pressure valve still need to rely on imports. Continued good macroeconomic situation, the valve industry, most of the production and sales targets are maintained rapid growth, but affected by the price war, industry sales revenue and profits fell sharply from a year earlier. As the world economy pick up, import and export of China valve products also increased, but compared with foreign manufacturers in the high-end technology there is a big gap, the next period of time, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of our valve products.

High pressure valve technology into the bottleneck of the valve market in China

Valves are oil, chemical, power station, long distance pipeline, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, a variety of low temperature engineering, aerospace and marine oil production and other sectors of the national economy and the indispensable fluid control equipment. After many years of development, China's number of valves in the world first, a variety of size of the valve business about more than 6000, of which more than 5 million yuan annual output value of 900.

From the product point of view, China's valve industry is now able to produce more than a dozen categories of products, such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, relief valve, diaphragm valve, drain valve, emergency shut-off valve, the highest temperature reached 570 degrees, the lowest 196 degrees, the maximum pressure is 600MPa, the maximum diameter of 5350 mm. In addition, according to the relevant departments of statistics, China's valve market turnover of up to 50 billion yuan per year, of which about 30000000000 yuan of market is occupied by foreign companies.

At present, China's valve industry, there are still some problems, such as China's valve business mainly in low level, small scale, family workshop orien ted enterprises. In the product, due to duplication of investment, the introduction of technology is not enough, the leading products of our valve business is still low quality mass products. China's current production of various valves widespread leakage, internal leakage, the appearance of high quality, short life, the operation is not flexible and pneumatic valve actuators and devices are not reliable shortcomings, some of the products is equivalent to 80s the world level at the beginning of last century, some key devices and high temperature and pressure valves are still rely on imports. In addition, China's valve industry in the industrial structure, the industrial chain of the valve industry, as well as the degree of specialization of the industry and foreign enterprises there is a big gap.

The valve caused domestic product because of the low quality: the rapid market expansion, the original state-owned enterprises have Guantingbingzhuan valve, although the rapid development of township enterprises, but because of the low starting point of township enterprises, technical force is very weak, poorly equipped, most products are produced to imitate, especially with the low pressure water supply and drainage valves serious.

But the problem does not affect the future of the future of China's valve industry broad prospects. This is mainly due to strong demand the support of national policy and the valve market, especially construction of several centuries' natural gas', 'West to East', 'North' and started the project requires a large number of products supporting the valve. In addition, China is facing the arrival of the era of industrialization, petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and urban construction, such as the use of large valve will enhance the demand for valve products. For example, the power industry '' during the 11th Five-Year coal-fired generating units in large and medium-sized valves required for the project started forecast total: total demand of 153 thousand tons valve, the average annual demand of 30 thousand and 600 tons; valve total demand for the amount of 3 billion 960 million yuan, the average annual demand amounted to 792 million yuan. In addition, China is gradually becoming the world's largest processing plant, the production of valve products are facing greater development space.

Thus, as long as companies can seize opportunities, strengthen research and development capabilities, and continuously improve product technology content and product quality, will be able to occupy the active position in the fierce market competition

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