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A gate valve is used to control the flow of the liquid, and it is normally operated by a turning wheel, and the gate moves up and down. When the wheel rotates to bring the door down, and it reaches the lowest position, it blocks the flow of water. When the wheel operation is reversed, the gate is in the highest position, and the water can flow without any obstruction. 

By observing the rising stem as part of the gate valve, it is easy to realize which position of the door. If the valve stem rises and is visible, the gate valve opens and indicates that the valve is closed when the stem is not visible.

The gate valve remains in contact with the flowing water and is therefore highly susceptible to corrosion, subsequently becoming nonfunctional and eventually breaking. Because of its slow operation, water hammer chance is negligible. It should be used in open or closed conditions and, if partially preserved, may be damaged by water pressure and vibration.


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