How many discs are there for gate valves?

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How many discs are there for gate valves?

(1) Wedge single gate valve

The structure is simpler than elastic gate valve;

At higher temperature, the sealing performance is not as good as elastic gate valve or double gate valve;

It is suitable for high temperature medium easy to coke.

(2) Elastic gate valve

It is a special form of wedge single ram. Compared with wedge gate valve, the sealing performance is good at high temperature, and the gate is not easy to be stuck after heating; It is suitable for steam, high-temperature oil products, oil and gas and other media, and is suitable for places with frequent switching. It is not suitable for medium easy to coke.

(3) Double gate plate gate valve

The sealing performance is better than that of wedge gate valve. If the inclined angle of sealing surface and valve seat are not matched accurately, it still has good sealing performance;

After the sealing surface of the ram is worn, the metal pad at the top and bottom of the spherical core can be replaced with a thicker one. Generally, it is not necessary to weld and grind the sealing surface, which is difficult for single ram and elastic ram.

More parts than other forms of gate valves;

In addition to steam, oil and other media, it is also suitable for parts with frequent switches and media with large wear on the sealing surface. It is not suitable for media easy to coke.

(4) Parallel gate valve

The tightness is worse than other forms of gate valves; 

Suitable for medium with low temperature and pressure; 

Except that the ram equipped with fixed plates on the two rams is not easy to fall off, the Ram fixed with lead wire is easy to fall off and unreliable to use. 

The processing and maintenance of the sealing surface of the gate and valve seat are simpler than other forms of gate valves.