How to Prevent Corrosion of a Valve?

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The materials play the key role for anti-corrosion of a valve. Even though the materials of anti-corrosion are abundant, it is difficult to choose a fitful material for its complexity. For instance, it’s corrosive when the sulfuric acid is at a low concentration, and the steel will be endowed passive film featuring anti-corrosion when the sulfuric acid is at a high concentration. The corrosion of hydrogen is high just when it is at a high concentration, and chlorine is not highly corrosive when it at a dry situation. But the corrosion will become high when it is in humidity and many materials can’t be used. The difficulty in choosing valve material is not only considering about the corrosion but also the pressure, temperature resistance, the budget, purchasing problem and so on. So, it needs careful consideration.


Firstly, it is possible to use liner, such as the lead, the aluminum, the engineering plastic, the crude rubber, the synthetic rubber and so on. This is a saving way if the medium condition is acceptable.

Secondly, using fluorine lining as the body of a valve can prevent corrosion effectively when it is at a low temperature and impress.

Thirdly, the surface of a valve will corrode by air, so the steel can be protected by painting.


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