Huge Market for Valves in the Field of Sewerage Treatment

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The industry of sewerage treatment in our country will expand in terms of construction scale and service area with the implementation of energy-saving and remission-reduction strategy,and fostering the development of strategic emerging industries.At present, compared with developed countries in complete sewerage treatment equipment, we have a long way to go.

Our comprehensive production capacity of it can’t meets domestic demands deeply for its backward structure,less varieties and low development capability.Sewerage treatment equipment in developed countries have been reached the level of high modernization.It's features are just as follows:

Firstly,treatment equipment for city sewerage and industrial waste water have been achieved these goals, such as standardization, formalization,serialization and complete set. And they now have constitutes a wide range and highly commercialized industry of sewerage water treatment equipment. Secondly,water treatment equipment has been in a professional large-scale production, which is relatively stable in types, specifications and quality.

Besides,reliable performance parameters make it is very convenient for customers to choose.

 Thirdly,complete set equipment for urban sewage treatment has developed to large-form and equipment for industrial waste water treatment is gradually specialized and in complete set.

With the acceleration of China urbanization and industrialization, the demand for water resources is growing.Meanwhile,we have two problems, i.e. uneven distribution of water resources and low water resource per capita. In such background,the sewage treatment industry has become an emerging industry.Water recycling industry is equally important to tap water production, water supply,and water drainage.

Therefore, it has broad space and large chance of development.

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