Improving Valve Sealing Enhancing Performance

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Taking into consideration all plant equipment and applications, the greatest contributor to fugitive emissions are valves. These valves come in a variety of sizes and configurations; whether at the valve stem, a flange surface or stuffing box, valves can have multiple leak through different leak pathone of the reasons that no single product can reduce leakage for the entire valve.


A comprehensive valve enhancement program created to improve sealing looks at the entirety of the valve and addresse performance and reliability issue to not only decrease leakage, but also to improve valve performance and efficiency.


Suppliers of sealing products, live-load spring and valve packing monitoring devices  are brought together, and the products were supported by a software database, on-site valve support and technical support organizations. Each of the components and specific operating parameters are evaluated to determine how they enhance valve performance and operations while reducing or eliminating leakage.

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