Installation Notes of a Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

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The installation correction of a pneumatic butterfly valve will affect its function. And the maintenance also associates with its performance. If it is installed incorrectly or maintained poorly, the performance of the valve will be affected or dangerous. So users should keep testing and maintaining it regularly.


1.Before installation, check the valve for whether there are missing parts, wrong type, impurities in the body, obstruction in the solenoid valve and the silencer.


2.The valve and cylinder are both closed.


3.Push the cylinder to the valve, the installation direction perpendicular to the valve or parallel to it. Check the screw hole for whether direction is correct and there is no large deviation. If it deviates, turn the cylinder around a little and tighten the screw.


4.When the installation is finished, you must operate the solenoid by hand and observe the ending of opening and closing.


5.The valve should be dry and stored in non-air prior to installation


6.Check the pipe line and ensure there is no cinders or else before you can install it.


7.Ensure the resistance to open and close by hand is reasonable for the body, and the torque is suitable for the actuator’s torque.


8.The flange, connecting the butterfly valve, should be of correct specifications. It’s highly recommended to use special flange rather than plate flange.


9.Ensure the flange is welded correctly. After the installation, avoid scald rubber parts so there is no need to weld it again.


10.The pipe flange installed should be centered themselves, and with the butterfly valve placed in the pipe.


11.Install all of flange bolts and tighten them by hand. Ensure the butterfly valve has already be centered with the flange, and open and close it carefully to ensure its flexibility.


12.Open the valve fully and tighten the bolt  according to the diagonal order. There is no need for a gasket, and to avoid the valve ring is out of shape and it has larger torque on opening and closing, you needn’t tighten the bolt excessively.


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