Knowledge about the Valve Installation

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Please check the product requirement to determine what is best, what is recommended, and what is more likely to bring you a lot of profit. Before installing one valve, please review the instruction book to prevent damage to the valve and to assure its maximum efficiency. Next we will talk about general requirements for valve installation.

When a valve is disassembled, the installation should pay attention to the connection form, flange, clamp, inner and outer threads. Please close the valve after the connection. Please open the valve and check the connection form of welding if it is gate valve. Installation should pay attention to the flow of media.  The flow direction can not be wrong. Special lining of the valve, such as rubber lining and plastic lining, should also be paid attention not to contact the electric arc welding. The flange must be cleaned up. All internal metal luster polished. When putting into trial operation in the pipeline, a valve should be adjusted in time.

install the valve

Flange type threaded valve should be installed when the valve is not working. There is no denying that one valve must be installed in the correct way or does not work. When welding on pipes, fittings, and valves, please prime with argon arc welding to ensure valve inner body smooth and flat. When welding on pipes, the valve is kept open to prevent itself from overheating or deformation. When welding high pressure water injection valve, the valve is kept open too. Then please pick up the rubber gasket to prevent rubber itself from being burnt out. Before installing the valve, the direction should be determined according to the flow direction of the medium. Valve should be installed in the line with the flow media coming. Valve is usually installed in horizontal direction, the stem vertically upward either. When installing the cast iron valve, it is necessary to prevent the false connection or the damage caused by accident.

install the valve under ground

Safety valve installation and adjustment to be carried out according to the following requirements. First, be vertical, not inclined; when putting into trial operation in the pipeline, safety valve should be adjusted in time. Second, vertical, not inclined; when putting into trial operation in the pipeline, safety valve should be adjusted in time.

Safety valve installation must also pay attention to the following requirements: Diameter number of the safety valve inlet pipe should not be less than the safety valve inlet; The vent pipe is discharged into the atmosphere gas safety valve, the export operation should be higher than 2.5 meters above the surface. The primary purpose of a safety valve is protection of life and property by venting fluid from an over pressurized valve.