Lug butterfly valve has been produced and exported to Spain

Author:     Published time:2022-05-09 14:35     Reading times:1285    

Recently, TJL completed a batch of orders for lug butterfly valves and exported them to Spain. TJL repeatedly communicated with customers about this batch of valves to understand customer needs, including the technical specifications and working condition requirements of this batch of valves. TJL carefully tracked every step from valve design to production, inspection, delivery and export, and repeatedly communicated and confirmed with customers.

The soft sealing lug butterfly valve adopts cast iron body, the valve plate is also ductile iron, the valve stem adopts SS304 and the valve seat adopts NBR,The O-ring is EPDM, the size is DN300 and the pressure is PN16.

Lug type butterfly valve and lug type butterfly valve are actually a form of valve. They are called differently and have the advantage of short distance between the pipes at both ends. The so-called "lug" refers to connecting the pipe flanges at both ends of the valve with gold hoop bolts.

Lug butterfly valve can be widely used in water, sewage, air, steam, food, medicine, various oils, acids, alkalis, salts and other media. Customers are welcome to consult the valve.