New type Gearbox

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The New UT-ZM Declutchable Gearbox Override. Available in torque outputs ranging from 1,750 to 61,990 in lbs., the UT-ZM provides a safe, cost-effective solution for manual control of the valve whenever air supply or power to a pneumatic actuator is lost.


The UT-ZM Gearbox is available with options that make it one of the safest to operate overrides on the market. The Isolation Safety Option provides internal porting that automatically blocks and releases air from the actuator, making operation of the gear safer and easier. The internal porting also eliminates the need to assemble extra tubing, tees, valves and fittings, making installation more easier and safer.


All overrides feature a corrosion resistant housing that conforms to IP67 protection standards, sturdy die cast aluminum hand wheels, stainless steel declutch bars, and spring-loaded pins that help to lock the unit into position. For additional safety, a Padlock kit ca

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