On the Basic Demands of a Steam Trap

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Specific requirements on functions, energy conservation, operation, maintenance, etc., of a trap are described as follows:


    (1)Water vapor is not leaked when condensed water is discharged.


It is a basic requirement for a trap not to leak water vapor when condensed water is discharged.So, it is called steam trap instead of condensed water trap although it is a device to discharge condensed water cumulated when it is separated from the water vapor. A trap moves accurately and flexibly when it opens or closes for condensed water. In other words, a trap can only be fully opened or closed. If a trap moves slowly and cannot open or close fully in place, it will produce the effect of throttling, and then it is easy to damage the whole trap, which is also the major reason for water vapor leakage.

As described above, moves of a trap are fully opening and closing. There are also other two types of a trap, i.e. continuous leakage type and intermittent leakage type.


(2)It is possible to remove all condensate water from any place in the steam system.


A trap must be able to discharge efficiently and accurately condensed water generated at main devices of pipes and heat exchangers and any place in the steam system.


(3)A trap must be able to discharge air and condensed water at the same time.


(4)It must have a wide pressure range.


It is not acceptable if a trap is affected and even stops moving when there is even little change to the pressure. In this circumstance, its functions must not be affected, and it should be able to adapt to any pressure. In addition, the a wide back pressure range must be allowed for a strap.


(5)It is easy to repair.


This requirement is related with the structure of a trap. A trap is required to have a simple structure and fewer moving parts. A suitable material should be selected for no stress generated by moving parts of a strap. More importantly, a trap’s structure should be easy to process. In summary, a steam trap should not require any specialist for its regular maintenance, in other words, the maintenance expense should be reduced.

(6)A trap should be highly applicable.


A trap should have characteristics of small size, light weight, long life cycle, and low price. A failure caused by air or water vapor should not result in the loss of the function of discharging water, or cause accidents of air lock, vapor lock, etc.

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