Pipe Codes For Valve Standards

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As with every intended use for valve, piping carries its own set of standards that valve companies and users need to understand. This article provides an overview of the codes (it does not necessarily cover detailed requirements for specific services).

The typical piping codes used in the valve industry (excluding the water industry) are ASME B31.1 for Power Piping 2014, ASME B31.3 for Process Piping 2014, ASME B31.4 for Pipeline Transportation System for Liquids and Slurries 2012, and ASME B31.8 for Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems 2014.

Pipe Codes For Valve Standards

In each of these codes, valve is listed in tables. When that’s the case, no additional requirement is generally placed on the valve manufacturer and supplier besides the valve product standards (e.g., API 6D, ASME B16.34, etc.). Although special cases exist, such as class M in B31.3, they are not discussed in this general overview.

The question also arises about what happens in situations that call for non-listed valve. These situations change from piping code to code so they should be examined on a case-by-case basis.

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