PP-R pipe installation precautions

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PPR pipe installation recommendations:

    Generally in the transformation of water and electricity, the original water pipes will be replaced, home improvement companies and businesses in the proposed installation of all PPR pipe decoration when the hot water pipes, even through cold water where the hot water pipes. Their argument is due to the technical parameters of the hot water pipe to be higher than the cold water pipe, and the price difference is not, so the water reform with hot water pipes.

     Diameter PPR pipe diameter can be from 16mm to 160mm, home improvement used in the main is 15mm, 20mm, 25mm two (commonly known as 4 in charge, 6 in charge, 1 inch tube), of which more than 4 used . If the economy allows, we propose to use the outer diameter of 25 mm tube (commonly known as 6 in charge), especially the water inlet cold water pipe, because the modern family living is highly concentrated, more and more water, while water is high, This will minimize the water pressure is low, water flow problems.

PP-R pipe installation precautions


1, PP-R pipe than the metal tube hardness is low, poor rigidity, in handling, construction should be protected to avoid inappropriate external mechanical damage. In the dark after the pipe to be marked location, so as not to damage the second renovation pipeline.

2, PP-R tube below 5 there is a certain low-temperature brittle, winter construction should be careful when cutting with a sharp cutting tool to slow cutting. Do not place heavy pressure on the installed piping, percussion, if necessary, vulnerable to external forces covering protection.

3, PP-R long-term exposure to ultraviolet light aging degradation, installation in the outdoors or in direct sunlight must be wrapped in dark protective layer.

4, PP-R pipe in addition to metal pipe or water device connected with a threaded insert or flange and other mechanical connections, the rest should be used hot-melt connection, the pipe integration, no leakage point.

5, PP-R pipe linear expansion coefficient (0.15mm / m ), in the outfit or non-direct buried shadow pipe must be taken to prevent expansion and deformation of the pipeline technical measures.

6, pipe installed in the sealed tube (buried) and cover the decorative layer (not directly buried dark) before the test pressure. Cold water pipe test pressure is 1.5 times the system working pressure, but not less than 1MPa; hot water test pressure of the working pressure of 2 times, but not less than 1.5MPa. Test time and methods of technical regulations.

Pressing step

1, the test pressure for the pipeline system working pressure of 1.5 times, but not less than 0.6Mpa

2, for PP-R pipe system, water pipe test requirements generally installed in the pipeline after 24 hours

3, water pressure test before the pipe should be taken to secure and effective protection and protection measures, but the connector Ming Lu

4, the hydraulic pressure test steps

(1) the end of the test pressure pipeline closure, slow water injection, while the pipeline gas excluded

(2) After filling with water, perform water tightness check

(3) pressure is appropriate to slow pressure manual pump, boost time of not less than 10 minutes

(4) rise to the test pressure, stop the pressure, voltage regulator 1 hour, to observe whether there is water leakage joints

(5) regulator for one hour, make up the pressure to the test pressure, pressure drop within 15 minutes does not exceed 0.05Mpa for qualified

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