Pro’s and Con’s of Control Valves

Author:     Published time:2016-11-03 19:33     Reading times:1024    

The versatility and ability to control the fluid that flows through control valves makes them ideal for moving precious or hazardous liquids – where wasted fluid can be costly. Control valves are also available in numerous styles, sizes, made of many different materials, and many have been custom engineered for a specific application.

However, this complexity also leads to more maintenance and shorter equipment life than a simple check valve. In the case of some control valves, they can be damaged from flashing, or the collecting of liquid in the chamber for long periods of time. This occurs when the valve’s internal pressure falls below the vapor pressure or other regulating force. Bubbles flow and liquid collects which can damage the valve and surrounding pumps or pipes.

Control valves can also be difficult to choose, even for seasoned professionals. New technology and materials make choosing a control valve difficult, especially if the buyer has no experience in doing so.