China Gear PVC Butterfly Valve

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Gear PVC Butterfly Valve advantages:


China Gear PVC Butterfly Valve is one of the high quality products of China Valve. TJLGear PVC Butterfly Valve has acid and alkali resistance, stable performance in strong acid and alkali environment, heat and pressure resistance, and long-term work in high temperature and high pressure environment can also guarantee the service life. Ultra-clean, can maintain the same water quality, easy to install, PVC material, easy to maintain, simple construction.


1.Gear PVC Butterfly Valve Specifications: 


1.Size: DN50--DN200  (Inch: 2"--8")

2.Diameter: 63--200mm

3.Materials:  a) Body:  UPVC

                     b) Disk:  UPVC

                     c) Stem:  Carbon steel  45#, SS304, SS316

                     d) Handle: ABS

                     e) Seat: NR, EPDM, FPM (Viton A)

                      f) Locking Plate: ABS

4.Pressure: 0.6--1.0 Mpa  (PN 6--PN10)

5.Working temperature:  0--60 °C

6.Ambient temperature:  -10--+60 °C                 


Different size and seat materials, different quotations.


 2.Gear PVC Butterfly Valve Features:


♥ NSF/ANSI 61 Listed          

♥ Wafer Body Design

♥ Fits ANSI 125 or PN10 Flange Patterns 

♥ PVC Body with PVC Disc

♥ Stainless Steel Stem

♥ EPDM Booted Seat

♥ ISO 5211 Mounting Pad

♥ 9 Position Throttle Plate

♥ Standard Lockout Hand lever


 3.Gear PVC Butterfly Valve Applications:


♥ Water & Wastewater Treatment

♥ Chemical Processing

♥ Food & Beverage

♥ Swimming Pools & Water Parks

♥ Aquaculture

♥ Aquarium & Zoo Service 

♥ Pharmaceutical

♥ Pulp & Paper

♥ Landfill Service 

♥ Marine & Corrosive Environments

♥ Metal Finishing & Plating


4.Gear PVC Butterfly Valve Option:


♥ Gear / Handle Operators

♥ Electric or Pneumatic  Actuators

♥ Handle Color: Red or Orange or Dark Blue or Green or Customized Color