Reasons and Solutions of Valve Leakage

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If a valve leaks inside the body of a valve, leakage in the sealing surface will be the main cause:


1. When the sealing surface is not plain, the sealing line can’t be formed;


2. The place where the bolt and trim part are connected has some problems, such as the central hangs in air, the place is not straight and friction occurs;


3. The bolt is bend or the assemble is not standard, making the trim part crooked or unable to meet the central line.


4. Use wrong sealing surface materials or choose valves that are not in accordance with operating conditions;


The maintenance way for leakage of sealing surface:


1. Choose correctly the material and type of gasket according to operating conditions;


2. Adjust it carefully and operate it smoothly;


3. The bolts should be evenly tightened by hand symmetrically, and you can use a tool when it is necessary. The pretightening force should meet demands, i.e. it cannot be too big or small. The warning gap should exist in the connection between the flange and screw.


4. When it is assembled, the gasket should be meet the central line with even strength, and it can’t be linked to others or a double-face gasket.


5. When the sealing surface is corroded, affecting production or product quality, to make it meet demands, it should be repaired, sanded and inspected. 


6. When the gasket is assembled, cleanliness is important, i.e. kerosene should be used to clean the sealing surface and the gasket can’t drop off.


The reason why detached trim parts caused leakage:


1. The trim parts jammed or surpassed the dead point and the connection is broken or cracked if your operation is bad.


2. The link of trim parts is not tightened, so it will be loosed and detached;


3. The connected materials are so fragile that can’t stand corrosion from medium and abrasion by machines.


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