Selection for water supply pipe

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In the past, the pipes used for water supply were mainly cast iron pipes. Outdoor mainly with sand cast iron pipe, indoor galvanized cast iron pipe, can be divided into cold (electric) galvanized and hot galvanized. China has provided for out of sand casting pipe and cold galvanized cast iron pipe, and gradually limit the use of hot-dip galvanized iron pipe in the promotion of the use of aluminum-plastic composite pipe, plastic pipe from June 1st in 2000. Therefore, the current use of the pipeline there are three main categories. The first category is the metal pipe, such as the plastic lining of the cast iron pipe, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe. The second category is plastic complex metal pipe, such as plastic composite pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe. The third category is plastic pipe, such as PP-R (cross-linked polypropylene high-density mesh engineering plastics).

Selection for water supply pipe

The state also provides for a variety of pipes and accessories related to drinking water pipes, must be approved by the health sector, before sales.

Commonly used in water supply pipe code and meaning:

PP-R cross-linked polypropylene high-density mesh engineering plastics

PE high density polyethylene

PP polypropylene

PB polybutene

PEX cross-linked polyethylene

The overall performance requirements of the water supply pipeline:

As a water supply pipeline, requires health, safety, energy saving and convenience. Therefore, testing a pipeline, should be checked from four aspects. That is, health: pipes and accessories to the human body without any damage. Safety: sufficient strength and excellent mechanical properties, as well as anti-aging, heat and other properties. Energy saving: smooth wall, corrosion resistance, small resistance to the fluid, good insulation properties. Convenient: connection, construction convenient, reliable, with the possibility of promoting the use.

Such as fail to meet the above four requirements, it will damage the user's physical health and property safety.

Several water supply pipe introduction:

1, aluminum-plastic composite pipe

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is the first to replace the cast iron pipe water supply pipe, the basic composition should be five layers, namely from the inside out of plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive, plastic.

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe has good insulation properties, the inner wall is not easy to corrosion, due to smooth wall, the fluid resistance is very small; and because it can be bent, so easy installation and construction. As a water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength, but if the transverse force is too large, it will affect the strength, it should be made for the construction or buried in the wall, but not buried . Aluminum-plastic composite pipe connection is card-type, so the construction is to pass a rigorous test pressure to test whether the connection is strong. The second is to prevent frequent vibration, the card sets loose. Third, the length of the direction should be enough to stay installed, so as not to pull off.

2, plastic complex copper

Plastic copper pipe to copper (copper) for the pipe, covered with PE plastic, from the overall performance point of view, plastic composite copper pipe is slightly better than the aluminum-plastic composite pipe. Such as better strength, longer life, heat resistance and better. But slightly worse insulation properties. Pure copper has a very high corrosion resistance, the use of a period of time, the inner surface of a layer of green oxide. But the life of the pipe, flow, and the resistance of the fluid, basically no effect. Copper green on human health without loss, and the bacteria have a certain ability to kill. Plastic copper pipe installation methods are card sets and welding of two, more reliable welding more.

Brass, stainless steel tube:

In addition to poor performance of this type of pipe insulation, the other indicators such as strength, life and so on the resistance of the fluid well, set up for cold water pipes. If used for hot water delivery, should be added insulation jacket. Connection to the main card sets, brass can also be welded.

Within zinc-plated cast iron pipe:

That is, in ordinary galvanized pipe wall lining a layer of plastic, so that it has corrosion resistance, small resistance, good insulation properties, while the galvanized pipe itself, high strength characteristics. Most of these pipes are connected by ribs.

plastic pipe:

Plastic pipe as long as the selection of materials meet the standard requirements, can have sufficient strength, life, safety and health. It is the best insulation performance in all pipelines. Plastic pipe with hot-melt welding, a high degree of reliability, as long as the construction is correct, the normal pressure test pipe welding, there will be no leakage off.

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