Soft-sealed Butterfly Valve

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Soft-sealed butterfly valve is used as a part to realize on-off and flow control of pipeline system. It has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water and electricity. Soft-sealed butterfly valve is installed in diameter direction of the pipeline. In the cylindrical channel of butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, the rotation angle is between 0 ° ~ 90 °, when it rotate to 90 °, the valve is fully opened.

    Six categories of soft-sealed butterfly valve:

1. Classified by the sealing surface material

      1) soft-sealed butterfly valve: Sealed by the non-metallic soft material

      2) Sealed by a pair of hard metal material on the non-metallic soft materials: hard-sealed metal butterfly valve. The sealing pair is made of  hard metal material.

2. Classified by the valve structure

      1) Center-sealed butterfly valve

      2) Single eccentric sealed butterfly valve

      3) Double eccentric sealing butterfly valve

      4) Triple eccentric seal butterfly valve

Soft-sealed Butterfly Valve

3. Classified by the form of sealing

      1) forced-sealed butterfly valve: elastic-sealed butterfly valve. Sealed pressure is generated by the elasticity of the valve plate when the valve is closed by squeezing the seat or valve plate.

      2) torque sealed butterfly valve. The sealed specific pressure is generated by the torque externally applied to the valve shaft.

      3) pressure sealed butterfly valve. Sealed pressure is generated by the valve seat or valve plate on the bomb element

      4) Automatic sealed butterfly valve. The sealed specific pressure is automatically generated by the medium pressure.

4. Classified by the work pressure

     1) Vacuum butterfly valve. The butterfly valve of working pressure is lower than standard atmospheric pressure’s.

     2) Low-pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN <1.6MPa.

     3) Medium pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 2.5 - 6.4MPa.

     4) High-pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 10.0-80.0MPa.

5) Ultra-high pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN> 100MPa.

5. Classified by the connection method

1) Wafer type butterfly valve

     2) Flange butterfly valve

     3) Lug type butterfly valve

4) Welded butterfly valve

6. Classified by the work temperature

 1) High temperature butterfly valve. t>450°C

      2) Medium temperature butterfly valve. 120°C

      3) Homoeothermic butterfly valve. -40°C

4) Low temperature butterfly valve. -100°C

5) Ultra-low temperature butterfly valve. t<100°C

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