Structure and operating conditions of eccentric semi-spherical valve

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 Eccentric semi-spherical valve structural characteristics: rational design, compact structure, with a small flow resistance, good sealing, light and flexible operation, especially to adapt to water, sewage, steam, pulp and other media low-pressure pipe network, to the preparation of electric and pneumatic devices, Remote automation. (Water, steam, sewage, pulp, mud and other non-corrosive media). In this case, eccentric semi-spherical valve operating conditions:


1.Pulverized coal injection: used to control dust gas, granular fluid injection of coal powder and other solid conveying ideal equipmen t, widely used in metallurgy, mineral processing, electricity and other production processes in the blast furnace pulverized coal injection, milling system As well as a variety of pipeline control in the dust removal system. It is made of Co-Cr-W alloy material. After special heat treatment, the valve is resistant to erosion and abrasion. At the same time, the valve eccentric spherical surface has the function of automatically compensating, Through the worm on the adjustment bolt, so that a certain degree of wear and tear of sealing the case, can still achieve the effect of re-sealing. (Dust-containing gas, particulate fluid)


2.The petrochemical industry: the use of high pressure for the petrochemical industry, high temperature, full of flammable, explosive, generally weak acid weak base corrosion medium, with good sealing, corrosion resistance, open and close light, can automatically cut valve Scale and other characteristics, for crude oil, heavy oil and other media transmission and oil cracking, food production and other processes. (Oil, gas, gas, water, etc.)


3.Blast furnace gas, gas dedicated: Seal with Cr-Mn-Si cemented carbide, fire and explosion-proof anti-static, anti-high temperature sealing 560 degree, its anti-corrosion ability of stainless steel sealing pairs are more than 6 times, Suitable for gas, coke oven gas, water gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas pipeline and the use of pressurized gate station. (Blast furnace gas, natural gas, dust-laden gas, etc.)


4.Slurry mixed fluid special: transport easy precipitation and scaling, crystallization of the solution slurry, slag and other processes in the two-phase mixed fluid medium ideal process valve, shut down. Its novel structure, unique design, with high energy efficiency, good wear resistance, reliable sealing, light operation, opening and closing quickly, long life and other advantages. (Process slurry, slurry ash and other particulate matter transport)


5. Pipeline dedicated: a straight-through half-ball valve, no reduction in diameter, the valve body channel and pipeline connected pipe into straight pipe, equal cross-sectional area, resistance is less than reduced diameter, fully open, fully closed as long as 90 degrees can be reached, Convenient long-distance pipeline transportation control. (Pulverized coal injection and gas transportation)