Structure knowledge of knife gate valve

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Knife type gate valve product characteristics

1. It can improve the gate sealing surface, can cure the adhesive surface of the sealing surface, automatically remove debris.


2.Stainless steel gate to prevent leakage caused by corrosion seal, fine grinding and polishing can get a better sealing effect. The bottom of the blade board is processed into a blade-like shape, and has a cutting function for soft materials such as fibers, pulp and wood pulp, and has good opening and closing action. The upper end of the blade board is equipped with hard polytetrafluoroethylene scraper to prevent dust, gravel and other abrasives from entering the stuffing box, can significantly improve the blade board life.


3. Stainless steel body is durable, body ribs designed to improve the strength of the valve body, double-headed snails use open and close more quickly.


4.The overall stainless steel to prevent corrosion damage. The body and the stuffing are all precision casting. The valve body adopts the flange type integral casting. The material can be 304,316,316L, WCB, 2Crl3 according to the needs of users. The sealing ring adopts PTFE reinforced PTFE material, Resistant, non-stick residue.


5.Full circular DC channel design does not exist slag, no jamming.


6.The scientific design of the upper sealed packing, so that the seal is safe and effective, durable.


7.Short structure length can save raw materials, installation space, but also effectively support

the pipeline strength.


8.The triangular frame saves raw materials and ensures the required mechanical properties.


9.The knife-type gate valve body on the guide block, so that the correct movement of the gate. Squeeze the block to ensure effective sealing gate.


10. Knife-type gate valve can also be arbitrarily selecte d drive mechanism.


11. V-type gate can be used as a control valve.


12. Compact design, small footprint, light weight, cheap, easy to install, wear-resistant anti-blocking measures, easy maintenance, easy to use and long life, and can choose any drive device.


13. Valve plate has five support points, so that the valve plate has a good self-centering. When the valve is closed, and to withstand back pressure, the valve plate does not shift.