Ten Precautions in the Use of Steam Traps

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   In the use of Steam Traps, we must follow the formal operational procedures to protect safety. Some parts seem simple, but if your operation is not according to normal procedures ,it will also lead to serious consequences. As is a multi-application, steam traps should be installed by the "trap installation requirements" to make the trap and equipment achieved better efficiency.

Ten Precautions in the Use of Steam Traps

   The 10 precautions in the use of steam traps are as follow:

1. Before the installation of steam traps ,steam pipeline must be swept to remove debris .

2. The filter should be installed before steam traps to ensure them not to be blocked by the savage of pipeline, and make it easy to clean.

3. In the front and at the back of the steam trap, we should both install valves to make the convenience of repairing at any time.

4. The coagulating water flow direction should be matched with the plot of the steam trap installation.

5. Steam traps should be installed at the lowest point of equipment outlet to discharge condensate in time, and also to avoid pipeline steam resistance.

6. If the traps are not installed at the lowest position of the equipment, then it should be added a reverse bend at the lowest water export position (condensate water lifting joints), promote the condensate level and then installed trap, in order to avoid steam resistance.

7. The steam trap outlet pipe should not be immersed in water. (If immersed in water,  to drill a hole in the bend to destroy vacuum and prevent sand suction.)

8. The mechanical trap should be installed horizontally.

9. Steam traps not to install in series.

10. Each device should be installed traps.

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