The Application Range of a Safety Valve

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In a place where a secure pressure relieving device should be installed while a safety valve is not suitable to install, a rupture disk should be installed or a safty valve and rupture disk should be used in series.


A safety valve should be installed in a container under the following conditions:

1. The pressure system is independent (means that a shut-off valve is parted from other systems);


2. The pressure material source of the container does not have a safety valve;


3. The design pressure is less than the pressure of the sources in the container and pipe;


4. A safety valve can be installed in the export pipe of a positive displacement pump and compressor;


5. when over-pressure is generated in a container due to the accumulation of non-condensate gas;


       6. When the export pipeline of a gas furnace is installed with a shut-off valve or control valve, there should be a safety valve installed upstream of it;


       7. The over-pressure part caused by technology, self-control, power, fire, utilities accidents should be installed with a safety valve;


8. Parts with heat expansion generated by liquid due to closed valves at both ends;

9. A safety valve can be installed in the steam outlet of a condensing turbine;


  10. In some cases, a safety valve can be installed in the entrance pipeline of a pump due to the leakage of check valve in the pump.


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