The BK37-5 thermostatic bimetallic steam trap

Author:     Published time:2017-04-25 14:23     Reading times:883    

The BK37-5 thermostatic bimetallic steam trap, which offers end users significantly lower total cost of ownership and energy-saving benefits when compared to thermodynamic (TD) and inverted bucket steam trap technologies. 

The end users can achieve significant annual energy savings per unit with the BK37-5 thermostatic bimetallic steam trap, which does not consume live steam during operation and can save up to 0.9 kg per hour of steam consumption when compared with TD and inverted bucket steam traps.

The BK37-5 is designed specifically for all pressures from 0.7 to 45 bar and is suitable for both saturated and steam. Its normally open function allows for automatic air-venting and high-ratio startup, and the trap's operation is unaffected by pipeline orientation, allowing it to be installed in any position.

The BK37-5 also features the field-proven BK46 regulator, which is not affected by water hammer or ambient conditions and has demonstrated reliability, durability and energy efficiency in harsh environments.