The Brief Introduction of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve in Terms of Technology

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Pneumatic butterfly valves are applied to many industries, such as petroleum, metallurgy, electric-power and chemical industries due to its simple structure, small size, light weight, low expenditure, small installation size, fast switching, small driving torque, good fluid control and sealing performance. Large-scale pneumatic butterfly valves consist of a valve, control system and pneumatic device. The stem is connected with the disc by a spline joint or a square insert. The opening and closing are operated by a spline or a square insert to drive the disc after the stem under the input torque.


This product features high temperature resistant, ease of operation and zero friction when it closes and opens compared with other common valves. The sealing function is improved and the service life extended.


Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valveļ¼š

When a valve opens normally, whether the switch is in place of a self-operated pressure regulator determines its safety. Thus, there are many times the signals being sent to a control box by the mechanical limit switch. The remote useful signal is revealed to remote control system by a control box, which receives the remote control signal in time to open and close the valve and the panel of the control box displays its situation at the same time, and reveals the signal to the remote control system by passive contact.

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