The declutchable gearbox operator

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The declutchable gearbox operator is industrial grade solution to maximize high pressure pneumatic actuators for operation. This type gearbox used with ball valve and butterfly valve applications are common as well as plug valves; the declutchable gearbox operator is designed to be light weigh, compact and universal in design. The bottom of the declutchable gearbox operator should be configured with the valve and bracket attached with the actuator.  The valve stem coupling component passes through the inner bracket guide through the declutchable gearbox operator.


The declutchable operator for manual override on pneumatically actuated valves

Two 90° keyholes allow for easily position of valve

Gearbox is filled with special lubricant before leaving our factory , The gearbox is tested and then sealed after assembly to provide a dust proof and waterproof function.

IP65 assigned protection grade.

Small, compact design, light weight and durable - ideal for compact environments in the future

Available in a wide range of sizes, torques and positions for nearly any valves in production

Air pressure must be released from the actuator in order to use the manual override

Gear ratio, input torque and output torque available in various sizes based on actuator and valve package sizes.

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