The Development Trend Of Valve Technology

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Valve experienced in the financial crisis era of the world economy is gradually restored, the same mechanical and electrical products in Chinese import and export market is also gradually steady growth, the valve industry will become more intense to the international competition. Compare with the foreign large valve manufactures, Chinese valve manufactures have a large gap of the major advanced technology. Product technology innovation and upgrading of Chinese valve products have become a major obstacle to the rapid development of valve industry.

The market analysts think, the trend of the valve development, will become a main topic of the market for a long time. There are several aspects of the future trend as bellow:

First, the development of high-performance hydraulic control valves. Such as the product of emissions, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, friction, zero leakage of hydraulic control valves, the development of integrated technology, computer technology, monitoring technology, high hydraulic control valve, feasible operation high safety.

The Development Trend Of Valve Technology

Second, the development of high-performance large-scale regulating valve is to meet the needs of major projects in China. The development of micro-regulating valve is to meet the ditch digging, buried cables and other narrow operations need to adapt to the development of all aspects needs of power station, petroleum, coal, water conservancy, farmland, urban construction; the development of regulating valve can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of the intelligent working conditions of the electric regulating valve. Promising products are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric regulating valve, micro-intelligent electric regulating valve, remote-controlled intelligent electric regulating valve.

In addition, to develop high security, high feasibility and good performance of the use of high-level products, the development of advanced electronic equipment, the valve integration of large valves, the development of deformation products to the universal, standardized, serialized direction.

China's valve manufacturing industry has been able to provide the user sector about 12 categories, more than 3,000 models, more than 4,000 specifications of the product, the performance parameters range from the vacuum valve to 1000Mpa ultra-high pressure valve, the temperature from -196 degrees Celsius deep High temperature 570 degrees Celsius. China's main valve products have been basically able to meet the needs of the domestic market, the valve market rate of complete sets of complete sets of equipment and the level of capacity has greatly improved, the domestic valve already has a certain basis for the revitalization.

However, China's valve industry is still dominated by small and medium enterprises, China's valve manufacturing industry in the huge demand environment, will show a better development prospects.

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