The performance characteristics of hydraulic hammer valve

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Hydraulic turbine is one of the important mechanical and electrical  of the hydropower station. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the hydraulic turbine, the inlet of the turbine is equipped with a water inlet valve, the main function of the water inlet valve is the main function of the water inlet valve:

The performance characteristics of hydraulic hammer valve

1, close the valve, cut off the flow of water, to create conditions for the inspection of the turbine.

The valve can be closed 2, longer downtime, reduce the guide vane and needle Water Leakage (typically 3 ~15%% of the rated flow) and reduce the gap energy loss caused by abrasion damage.

3, close the inlet valve can be shortened due to the guide vane, spray leakage caused by leakage time, reduce the wear of the generator brake brake, avoid leakage due to large and can not stop the phenomenon.

4, the unit is too fast or the spiral case, nozzle, valve after the expansion joint rupture emergency water off the water inlet valve, can prevent the expansion of the accident.

Water inlet valve of the main auxiliary , operating mechanism, bypass device, lock spindle device and hydraulic device, etc., as well as air valve, control system, control cabinets, instrumentation and automation components.

Hydraulic control valve is the valve water hammer hydraulic turbine model. The ball valve is opened with hydraulic drive, hydraulic pressure up to 16MPa, reduce the volume of the relay, the process of opening the valve and the heavy hammer is lifted by raising the weight accumulator, close the valve, cancel the energy storage tank. Shut the valve does not need hydraulic power source, simple and reliable, simplified the hydraulic system. The ball valve is opened after the lock spindle automatic hydraulic system, automatic pressure, the weight is not down. Ball valve closes automatically when the lock pin is released, according to the time and the angle of the adjustment is divided into fast, slow two phase closed or according to a given time a stage closed. To prevent the turbine power due to a breakdown or an accident caused by the runaway ball valve can not be closed, and the occurrence of accidents, to avoid the crash, ensure the safe operation of the unit, and can achieve unattended, unattended operation "full computer monitoring.

Hydraulic control valve main valve body, a hammer hammer operating mechanism, electrical control system, hydraulic operating system, four parts, machine, electricity, hydraulic integration is a typical product. The valve in the machine, electricity, hydraulic linkage device can be completed under the action of the water inlet valve reliable and timely opening and closing.

Hydraulic control valve and hydraulic hammer servomotor and ball valve closing Technology

1, off valve power is not lost, safe and reliable, independent valve is not in place, the phenomenon of off.

2, valve hammer with the valve open up, to provide power in the normal valve shut off valve, even in the loss of power accident, can also provide power off valve. So that the valve is closed, the valve is not in place, the valve is not strict phenomenon. Than the full hydraulic drive or storage tank driven valve more safe and reliable, will not appear because of no power supply or unexpected failure of the valve can not be closed down the phenomenon. In order to prevent runaway turbine and accidents.

3, the valve closed after the hammer torque exist for a long time, can ensure the reliability, close the valve seal tightness.

4, hammer and hydraulic accumulator tank, free maintenance. To avoid the energy storage tank must be regularly added high-pressure nitrogen gas, maintenance and repair, periodic replacement and the use of high pressure gas container.

Hydraulic system and electrical system structure is simple and reliable

1, the use of hydraulic hammer system greatly optimized control circuit, greatly reducing the hydraulic components, improve the reliability of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic accumulator tank circuit is more complex, with five to nine high pressure system in large tank. In the operation there are many components leakage, so that the system pressure to reduce instability. If the emergency shutdown valve is not up to the scheduled pressure, the accident will happen. Only a hammer type lifting locking pin with a small storage tank, simple structure, safe and reliable operation.

2, the hammer energy off valve, hydraulic system optimization for single circuit, thereby reducing the electrical system. On the contrary, all hydraulic energy storage tank type electrical system is complex, due to the cumulative error of multiple components, the electrical system is prone to error action.

The electric control valve, hydraulic hammer 3 imported programmable controller PLC, simplifies the structure to replace the original relay, time relay and other components, improve the reliability of the system, so as to connect with the computer system. Electrical components such as light and proximity switches are used to improve the reliability of the operating system. Can achieve "no one on duty, few people on duty" full computer monitoring.

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