The Selection Principle on Butterfly Valves

Author:     Published time:2017-09-11 13:58     Reading times:972    
  • A butterfly valve is more applicable to pipeline system with lower-stand pressure losses due to its pressure losses larger than gate valves and ball valves.

  • A butterfly valve can control fluid, so it should be selected for pipelines that need to control fluid.

  • Limited by structure and sealing materials, a butterfly valve is not used for high temperature and high pressure pipeline system. So, its work temperature should be kept below 300℃ with nominal pressure below PN40.

  • when a workplace needs short structural length and large caliber valves, e.g. above DN1000, a butterfly valve is the preference for its short structure and it can be made to a large-caliber one.

  • When a workplace needs speedy off-on, a butterfly valve is the first choice because it can be turned on or off just if it is rotated by 90°.