The Structural Features and Working Principle on Vacuum Butterfly Valves

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The product features of vacuum butterfly valves:

This valve, adopted new-type structural design that welded mid-line disc with steel plates featuring short structure, has tight structure, light weight so it is easy to install with small fluid resistance and large circulation. And it can avoid high temperature expansion and is convenient to operate.

There is no stem, bolts inside the body of this valve, and it can be reliable and has long-time service life.



This product, a non-sealing butterfly valve, is widely applied to various pipelines whose medium temperature is less than or equal to 300℃ and nominal pressure 0.1 Mpa in the production like fields of building materials, metallurgy, mine, electricity and so on. So it can be connected, off-on or adjust medium fluid.

Working principles:


Driven by electric-motor, the actuator on this product makes the disc rotate freely between 0°to 90°so that it can open and close or adjust medium fluid. At present, fluorine-lining and rubber-lining butterfly valve has been widely applied in many fields as a part of realizing the on-off of pipeline system and the adjustment of fluid control, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, hydroelectric industries and so forth.

Some open technologies in the past more use sealing structure as its sealing form. The sealing material is, for example, rubber, PTFE, etc. Limited by the structural feature, it is not suitable for these industries that need high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and so forth.


A developed butterfly valve appeared now, i.e. three–eccentric-metal hard sealing butterfly valve. Its body and seat are connected, and the sealing surface in the seat is welded alloy material that features high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Soft folded sealing surface with multi-layer is fixed in the disc. This product is different from traditional butterfly valves due to it has high temperature resistance, convenient operation and zero friction when it is opened or closed. The sealing is covered by increasing torque coming from a transmission machine when it is opened or closed and it can improve its sealing performance and increase its service life.

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