The way to solve the problem of leakage in control valve

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To make the filler easy to load, metal protecting ring featuring erosion resistance and small gap should be placed at the top and bottom of stuffing box to defend filler from being pushed by pressure medium.

The metal surface where the stuffing box contacts with filler should be fine machining to improve the surface finish and reduce the wearing of filler.

Flexible graphite should be used for filler due to its good sealing low friction, small change after long-term use, low burning loss after abrasion, and easiness in maintenance. A gland bolt, when screwing in place, sees no change in friction. It is good in resisting pressure and heat. With good erosion resistance with internal parts, it does not bring about pitting corrosion or corrosion to the metal contacting the valve rod and the stuffing box.

Thus, the valve rod of the stuffing box is protected effectively, ensuring its reliability and long lifecyle.

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