Triple Offset butterfly valve For Liquefied Gas

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Triple-offset butterfly valve is designed for handling fluids with temperatures ranging from -418 F (-250 C) to 329 F (200 C), depending on their properties, and operating pressures of up to 100 bar. Their unique design provide a closing torque of lower than that of double-offset disc valve type, which makes them suitable for use with smaller actuators. With their triple-offset design and tapered sealing surfaces, the valve is made to ensure tight closure even at very high differential pressures. 

Sealing can be ensured by means of HELICOFLEX seat rings, which are designed for cryogenic applications. The valves which provide bidirectional shut-off and are available with diameters ranging from 200 mm to 1,200 mm. 

The stainless steel body can be supplied either with flanges or with butt weld ends. The series includes a special butt-weld, side-entry version. The butt-weld end serves to weld the valve into the piping. For maintenance, the valve trim can be pulled out of the body without having to remove the entire valve, making it a good fit for limited space. 

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