Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

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Since the introduction of the market more than 50 years ago, three-offset valves, also known as triple eccentric valves, have evolved and this type of valve has been extended to several industries. Originally designed for water shut-off applications, years of design enhancements combine this versatile valve with the performance of other industrial staples in the toughest conditions in critical process environments. At the same time, these valves always have certain parameters within which they can be operated efficiently.

Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Today, three-offset valves offers numerous benefits to the industry, and they have recently received attention because they can play a role in controlling escape emissions. The industry has begun to look for more unique and innovative ways to address this global emissions challenge, which is a recent area of concern for valve manufacturers. By combining new and improved features, three-offset valves are used in ways never before possible, and they are more cost-effectively used.

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