Turbine head order production is completed and sent to India

Author:     Published time:2022-05-10 09:53     Reading times:1384    

TJL received a batch of orders for turbine heads. The manual turbine head is a 90 ° rotary valve driving device, which is suitable for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and other types of valves. Special type can output 360 ° angle. Valve actuator is a driving device for valve driving, which plays the role of connecting transmission. It is commonly used in valve driving, reducer, etc.

Tructural features of manual turbine head:

1. The limit screw installed in the worm gear box can be adjusted in the two positions of full open or full close.

2. Worm gear pair is self-locking and easy to operate.

3. The switch indicator is directly connected on the worm gear, and the indication is accurate

4. According to the needs of users, it can be attached with binders to make different aperture and hole type, with strong adaptability and interchangeability. The product has * grease when leaving the factory, and the shell is sealed and waterproof. To check the authenticity of the worm gear box, the manufacturer of the valve must provide a true and accurate inspection report

Manual turbine head turbine actuator inspection process:

① Inspection of raw materials - the content of cslmn, PS and other components in raw iron and the quality of coke;


④ Inspection of castings, metallographic test, elongation test, strength test, etc;


④ Sealing test - double side pump pressure test and multiple switching tests.