Value Manufacturing in China

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Growing industrialization and technology sector have caused increasing demand for valves manufacturing. For example, the appearance of types of valves, such as wafer type butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, flange center line butterfly valve, double offset butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve, PTFE butterfly valve and industry butterfly valve. In recent years, valve production has kept increasing not only in the water system and the steel industry but also in such rising industries as green energy.

After the initial development of valve market, now there was a fact that more than half of companies in China valve industry were different private-own workshops, while brought in an annual sales value less than 1 million dollars. They had the disadvantage of low starting point, low technology and low machine, which would pose a threat to their development. Except for that, major competitive companies had been improving their product line by introducing new valves and enhancing their levels of valve manufacturing.

Value Manufacturing one

With increasing activities of construction of large plants and water supply system, the demand for valves does not shrink. Industrial sector has changed over the past decade, different types of valves will develop for renewable energy utilization has increased. If small-sized companies fall behind, they may be at high risk of being merged or going bankrupt. 

Value Manufacturing two

Until recently, China's valve manufacturers are still limited to some of the smaller target markets, such as Ethiopia, Sultan, Iran, Iraq and some Southeast Asian markets. The size of these markets is small. The decision-making process is entirely dependent on the price. Profit is limited. China import-valve manufacturers must pay attention to such an undeniable fact: if you want to survive in the future, you have to improve the performance, get access to large export, and make more profit. At present, the main reason for the weak export is that there are a number of business opportunities in China's domestic market.

Value Manufacturing three

Fixed asset investment in China is one of the main driving forces of economic growth in China. Taking the process of industrialization and infrastructure construction into account, growth is expected in the future for a long period of time. Fixed assets investment will continue to be an important force in promoting China's economic development. In the energy, power, chemical, metallurgy, paper, water treatment and other industries, valve is commonly used in various fields of the national economy. The rapid growth of investment in fixed assets will drive the continued increase in demand for domestic valves.

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