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The open cover on the valve body is the bonnet, which is the second most important boundary of the pressure valve. Like the valve body, the bonnet has many designs and models to choose from.

The bonnet is used as a cover on the valve body, casting or forging the same material as the valve body. It is usually connected to the main body by means of threads, bolts or welded joints. During manufacture of the valve, internal components, such as valve stems, discs, etc., are inserted into the body, and then the valve cover is attached to hold all components in place.

In all cases, the attachment of the hood to the vehicle body is considered to be a pressure boundary. This means that the welded joint connecting the bonnet to the valve body is a pressure retaining member. The bonnet is necessary for most valves, but it represents a cause for concern. The bonnet can complicate the manufacture of the valve, increase the valve size, represent a significant cost component of the valve cost, and be a source of potential leakage.

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