Valve Gasket selection

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There are many shapes and sizes of gaskets and are generally used to create a seal between two or more stationary parts of a mechanical assembly. In most condition, gasket selection and installation is done based upon temperature of the media, desired pressure, and the compatibility of the gasket material with the media as well as the application.

Many experts suggest that gaskets should be selecte d for their properties in the following order:

Temperature – Media temperature at the gasket should be considered important. This criteria also reduces the number of possible gaskets quickly, especially in applications where temperatures go high and over. A gasket should be able to handle extended periods at the desired temperature without its performance declining.

Flange – Gaskets are often used in flanges such as flat or raised face, or ring joint. The material used to comprise the gasket and bolt specifications are also vital. The bolt load and gasket contact area account for pressure loading available to create a proper seal. The gasket should have enough strength to resist crushing under the load, along with maintaining its integrity when installed.