Valve On the Sea

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For nearly one hundred years, the most general valves on ships and barges were gate, globe and check valves. Extra space is always at a reward on a ship. In the case of gate valve, the outside screw and yoke, rising stem design, often took up too much valuable space on board. This resulted in the using of the non-rising stem (NRS) design, which became commonplace because of the additional headroom it afforded above the handwheel. The venerable NRS gate valve is still used primarily in marine applications.


Valve On the Sea

Today‚Äôs ship and barge is home to virtually every type of modern valve, not just the old  gate, globe and check valves. Ball valves are increasingly popular, including metal-seated types. Still, the lined butterfly valve has probably made more inroads then any type in this segment, which was previously dominated by gate valve. The selection of the smaller and lighter butterfly valves also has proven to be a popular one for many marine applications.

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