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With the development of the Internet, the skilled use of large data will become a traditional enterprise combined with the Internet and the golden key to the progress of traditional enterprises.

With the Internet as a link to the cross-border integration industry, it is the essence of information flow, capital flow, logistics, flow control and change the Internet through aggregation, information flow, capital flow. It can guide the flow of logistics and distribution of production and consumption of polymerization, promote, service and logistics integration.

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The use of big data is one of the common store business and electricity which provide interactive integration. Electricity providers is able to understand consumers through the cloud APP to adjust the business. The store business is for the entity operators to upgrade.

Traditional valve business model is usually based on the user management, activity management, product management and the three roles. But to the new commercial operation, it should be based on the user management. That is, the Internet era of data management. Enterprises can be doing through the store and other lines to get the number of passengers, the frequency of consumption, type of product and purchase of a habit. These information is used to build a larger data network is the key.

Customer maintenance system can be used to understand and analyze the usage situation of members of the customer products used. In store, traffic and frequency monitoring system can be based on customer preference data analysis. Through the system for data capture, the establishment of user behavior habits and preferences model and the final use of the model are available for the user to conduct a comprehensive management or provide data for the enterprise's business strategy adjustment.

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Valve companies can use extensive data information to establish customer behavior and preferences of customers and establish a model. It is the ultimate use of the model for the user to conduct a comprehensive management. It is to provide data for business strategy adjustment. In addition, it can adjust the data according to the user's individual needs. It is to provide better products and services to customers. In order to realize the "Internet" to enhance the effect, on the one hand valve to enhance the enterprise the ability to discern and create consumer demand, seriously study the "Internet Era" consumer characteristics and consumer trends, new technology to use the Internet, big data, dynamic positioning, efficient integration of supply chain, better mining and guide consumption demand; on the other side, do enhance the ability of the entity of the commercial space.

How to get massive data? there are experts believe that online business can be done through WeChat, APP marketing, interactive drainage, the line, the interactive screen  to achieve. One expert also believes that the new technology of using the Internet, big data, dynamic positioning, efficient integration of the supply chain, are able to tap and guide consumption demand, which does analysis of the potential customer spending habits. It is essential key to help a company increase its sales performance.