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Removable and replaceable valve internal components in contact with flow media are collectively referred to as valve trim. These components include a valve seat, a disk, a sealing tube, a spacer, a guide, a bushing and an internal spring. the valve body, valve cover, packing, etc., which are in contact with the flowing medium are not considered to be trim parts.


Valve repair performance by the disk and seat interface and the disk position and the relationship between the seat decision. Due to fine tuning, basic motion and flow control are possible. in a rotary motion trim design, the disc slides tightly over the seat to create a change in the flow opening. In the linear motion trim design, the disc is lifted vertically out of the seat, such that an annular hole occurs.


The valve fitting components can be constructed from a variety of materials because of the different properties required to withstand different forces and conditions. The bushing and packing gland are not subjected to the same forces and conditions as the valve disc and seat.


Flow properties, chemical composition, pressure, temperature, flow rate, velocity and viscosity are some important considerations when selecting the appropriate decorative material. The trim material may or may not be the same material as the valve body or bonnet.

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