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Fugitive emission is any chemical in physical form that can leak unanticipated within an installation. Valves account for more than 51% of fugitive emissions, and greenhouse gases (GHGs) are part of this.

Knowing how to select valve that will meet or exceed volatile organic compound fugitive emission limits is critical, as the costs are much higher if an operator fails to meet the requirements.

End-users should get test data that will allow for direct comparisons between valve packings, gaskets, and other sealing components. Without data, end-users are guessing which option is best for their applications. Operations/field data based on past experience helps analyze the valve and packing options.

Most companies require real-time testing, which will provide comparable fugitive emissions in parts per million (PPM) of hydrocarbons and chemicals. These tests include multiple test cycles that represent the plant conditions within a laboratory. These tests can be conducted at reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe.

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