Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

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A wafer type butterfly valve's function is to retain a seal to protect against dual-directional pressure differential in the flow of fluid. In other words, the wafer version of butterfly valves was designed to hold a tight seal, safeguarding against bi-directional pressure differential in order to avoid any backflow in systems that have been manufactured for uni-directional flow. This is accomplished by using a tightly fitted seal, such as an O-ring, gasket, precision machined, along with a flat valve face on the downstream and upstream sections of the valve.

The wafer butterfly valve is used in a number of applications for industrial sectors that include food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, water as well as waste water industry. The butterfly valves for the most part have replaced ball valves in a lot of industries. This is especially the case for those dealing with petroleum because of they are less expensive and easy to install. It's important to note that pipelines that contain butterfly valves can't be 'pigged' for cleaning. "Pigging" is the process of making use of devices referred to as "pigs" to carry out a variety of maintenance operations.

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