What are the most important variables to consider when selecting and sizing a valve?

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Process connections, system pressure, flowrate, Cv/Kv (i.e., flow coefficient value of valve), media (i.e., type & temperature), voltage, and ambient conditions.

The way connections (i.e., pipe size and thread type) must be verified to ensure that the valve is properly integrated into the end-user application. The valves maximum pressure rating must meet or exceed the maximum system pressure for proper valve actuation.

The flowrate is a critical factor in applications requiring a specific volume of fluid flow at various pressures.

The Cv value, which is based on the valves orifice size and other factors, be used in flow calculations to determine a valves ability to meet the target flowrate.

The wetted parts of the valve, such as the elastomeric seals and metals, must be compatible with the media. Electrical specifications such as voltage and ambient conditions are important to determine the proper solenoid coil specification and type of electrical enclosure required.