What is an Air Valve?

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A air valve is a type of valve that is used to protect pipe lines when the delivery pipe line on high or the longer generates water column separation due to pressure reducing in the course of power or pump interruption.

Air valve is used for pipe lines of compressing air, which is different from water valve and hydraulic valve.

An air valve is installed at high point of a pressure water tank and along any water pumping pipe, to discharge air in the water pumping pipes when water is filled in pipes for the first time or after regular maintenance. So it is able to avoid pressure fluctuation.


When the pipe line generates negative pressure for water hammer, open the air valve to make air enter the pipe in order to protect it from larger negative pressure. When the system is in operation or the air dissolved in water is released for pressure or temperature change in pipes, the air valve will vent it in time to protect the operation of pipe system from the effect of air bag.


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