What’s the attention of steam trap installation?

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If the steam trap installation is appropriate or not, it has direct influence of normal operation and equipment production efficiency. Steam traps must be installed in accordance with the regular "trap installation requirements" in order to make traps and equipments to achieve better efficiency.

1. Before the installation of steam traps ,steam pipeline must be swept to remove debris .

2. The filter should be installed before steam traps to ensure them not to be blocked by the savage of pipeline, and make it easy to clean.

3. In the front and at the back of the steam trap, we should both install valves to make the convenience of repairing at any time.

4. The coagulating water flow direction should be matched with the plot of the steam trap installation.

5. Steam traps should be installed at the lowest point of equipment outlet to discharge condensate in time, and also to avoid pipeline steam resistance.

6. If the traps are not installed at the lowest position of the equipment, then it should be added a reverse bend at the lowest water export position (condensate water lifting joints), promote the condensate level and then installed trap, in order to avoid steam resistance.

7. The steam trap outlet pipe should not be immersed in water. (If immersed in water,  to drill a hole in the bend to destroy vacuum and prevent sand suction.)

8. The mechanical trap should be installed horizontally.

9. Steam traps not to install in series.

10. Each device should be installed traps.

What’s the attention of steam trap installation?

11.The front of thermostatic traps needs to have above one meter Non-insulated super-cooled tube, and other forms of traps should be close to the equipment.

12. Steam traps uses of drum-type drying (with siphon type) equipment should mark: anti-steam trap device to prevent equipment to produce steam lock.

13. If the condensate recovery behind the traps, the outlet pipe from the top of the recovery should access the main pipe, reducing back pressure to prevent backflow.

14. If the condensate recovery behind the traps, different pressure levels of the pipeline should retrieve separately.

15.The main pipelines of condensate recovery can’t be back flow, it will increase the back pressure of the trap.

16. The condensate behind the steam trap flows into the recovery which is in front of the main pipelines should install the check valve to prevent condensate back.

17. The traps are installed on the steam traps. It should set up condensate collection wells which is close to the main pipelines, and then lead to the trap with a small tube.

18. If the mechanical trap long-term idle, you should remove the sewage screw to let the water inside out, in case of freezing.

19. If you find traps are running steam, you should sewage and clean up the filter in time. And according to the actual use of ground inspection, you can repair at any time. At lease once a year to repair, and clean the impurities inside. The traps in the entire steam system is considered as a small part, but it has big influence on the working system and economic operation. Therefore the maintenance and repair of the traps are also important. And only pay full attention to the importance of the traps production, and keep the traps are often in good working condition, will ensure the best energy-saving effect and improve economic efficiency.

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