Where The Valve Used?Wastewater Treatment

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The purpose of this article is to explain the various critical roles that valves play in the operation of typical wastewater plant processes.





Gate valve is installed in a wastewater treatment plant.All pumps and check valve should equip with a shutoff valve to allow isolation of the system and maintenance of the lift station component. Isolation or shutoff valve for wastewater service come in many varieties; however, they all must design to prevent closure and wear from the flow of grit-including fluid.


For small-diameter applications, threaded quarter-turn ball valves are an economical choice. The threaded or flanged body contains a floating ball that seals against non-metallic seats in both directions.


For larger applications, multi-turn knife or wedge gate valves are  used. Gate valves are usually constructed of iron with flanged connections. These valves are produced in accordance with several AWWA standards, including AWWA C500, C509 and C515, and are available in both rising stem and non-rising stem models. Rising stems are preferred because they provide indication of the valve position at all times.